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When I decide to write a book, I always try to dive as deep as possible into history sources, because it is the best way to learn the true nature of the humain being. One thing I learned is that the modern education system’s core principles were mostly designed in the 19th century to create good factory workers and good soldiers, not good creators, disruptors and entrepreneurs.

The same can be said of the workplace system.

Hence what do you do when you are not the type of person the system was created for ? Usually, you just feel out of place, or even marginalized, and you think the problem is yours. It usually prevents you from achieving your true potential. Olivier does a brilliant job in this book to show you that to not feel well integrated in this old system is actually a strenght, if you know how to play your cards right.

And he gives you the proper mindset, the right tools and strategies so you can thrive while creating your own adventure through life, and become an happy Intelligent Rebel.

I highly recommend this book. Go read it !

Robert Greene, author of the New York Times bestseller The 48 Laws of Power and The 33 Strategies of War


Some people seem to fit naturally into the “get a degree and get a 9-5 job” world. This book is for the rest of us.

For more than a decade, I’ve watched Olivier Roland ask the questions and take the actions that have shaped his iconoclastic (and extraordinarily successful) life. Now with this book he shows us how he’s done it, and how we can do the same.

Jeff Walker, #1 NY Times bestselling author of “Launch”


We all strive for Freedom – some of us more than others!

In his brilliant book, Olivier Roland takes your hand and shows you how to navigate our complex and modern society. Work smarter, not harder, is the key philosophy.

By becoming an “Intelligent Rebel” you will learn time-tested principles on how to better influence and convince people, how to use and leverage modern technology to your advance and how to turn your passion into profit.

All while minimizing the risks and living your life to the fullest.

Enjoy these golden drops of “street-smart” nectar and go change the world.

Stig Severinsen, PhD of Medicine & Founder of Breatheology, 4x Freediving World Champion & Explorer


Growing up, I always heard this voice talking to me…coaching me…motivating me to ask different questions, take different chances, go in an opposite direction. It was lonely, and people didn’t understand me. I didn’t know what to call it – until I read Olivier’s book. I am an Intelligent Rebel! I only wish I had this amazing context when I was younger, and hope that every young entrepreneur finds their way to this book!

Jason Friedman, Founder and CEO, CXFormula, LLC, and 2 times Inc 5000 fastest growing company


When I first met Olivier over 10 years ago, he was a very young entrepreneur who I’d thought wasn’t ever going to be too successful.  I was so wrong.  You see, Olivier didn’t work on his business night and day like I and most other entrepreneurs did.  He traveled, met new people, had conversations and experiences.  Yet in those 10 years, he’s read far more books than I have, has been mentored by renowned business leaders and has built his own very successful business.

No matter where you are in your life, if you feel like you are in a work-driven rat-race, and yet not building much for yourself, read this book.  Olivier is proof that you can be so much more than you ever thought possible, whether you graduated from college and followed all the conventional rules or not. His story will inspire you and the strategies he shares in the book will help you succeed beyond your dreams.

Ruth Buczynski, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, President and CEO, The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine


This book is about how to set yourself free from average and live an extraordinary life… whatever that may mean to you. It’s about how to see different, think different and live different. If you’ve ever felt like you were made for more but just didn’t know how to achieve it, read this book and follow Olivier’s advice. He has crafted a life on his terms – and this is his playbook showing you how to do it too!

Stu McLaren, Co-Founder of Searchie.io


Incredible! I have read many books, but this one is a piece of art. You will read without stopping! It looks big, but when you start reading it becomes small and you want to return again and again. It really shows the Intelligent Rebel way for the Entrepreneurs that want a business that designs the life that they desire. Olivier is the living proof of that life. If you want to have the freedom and a life that is fun and amazing, this book is your bible! Read it NOW!

Ricardo Teixeira, #1 Reference in Digital Marketing in Portugal and 2 times worldwide champion of karate


I grew up poor, barely graduated high school and was denied admission to every university I applied for.

And I became a Millionaire before I turned 30…

There is no book (or author) that encapsulates my own journey better than this one. A must read for those that know they haven’t yet lived up to their potential.

Dylan Frost, creator of “The Wholesale Formula”


Watch out!  Read this book and you might find yourself on the path to lucrative, lifestyle-focused self-employment!  The Way of the Intelligent Rebel is packed chapter by chapter with insight, shortcuts, actions you can take immediately and even the math of how your new business will thrive from the start.  A riveting instruction manual to boost your intelligence, improve your life and launch your dream business.

Margaret Lynch Raniere, Speaker, Entrepreneur & Bestselling author of “Tapping Into Wealth” (Tarcher/Penguin 2013) and Unblocked (Hay House April 2021)


A rebel can be defined as a person who resists convention. When you think about it, there is no way to forge your own path and reach your dreams without resisting convention. Therefore, being a rebel is essential for success in today’s world. In The Way of the Intelligent Rebel, Olivier Roland reveals the map for the extraordinary adventure that is entrepreneurism. Though I wish I had this book when I started, I’m glad to have it now as intelligent rebels never stop sharpening their tools.

John Gallagher, founder of LearningHerbs


I have had the honor of knowing Oliver for over a decade and he has always lived true to his word. He is documented proof that the rebel life is possible. In this manual of opportunity he offers us one of the most authentic and honest views that you will not experience elsewhere. This is not your standard off the shelf business success book. This is an encyclopedia of success. A detailed instruction set for living a life of learning and freedom. Oliver shows how to create a life of freedom and then actually ‘live’ that life.

Rick McFarland, serial entrepreneur and creator of Voice4Net


The Way of the Intelligent Rebel is one of the most powerful business books ever written. It’s loaded with breakthrough strategies to win in business so you can have an amazing life. Start reading it immediately.

Christian Mickelsen Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, Humanitarian, LiveLimitless.com


I never wanted to give the best hours, days, and years of my life to some random business. I wanted to use that time to build my own thing and have my own adventures. Olivier’s the guy to show you how to do that.

Will Hamilton, founder of Fuzzy Yellow Balls


From all those years meeting all sorts of entrepreneurs that leverage the internet to achieve financial and location freedom (the freedom to live and work from whatever part of the world) I have yet to meet someone that achieved this on a higher level than Olivier did. I am glad his knowledge is now available in such a detailed and easy to digest way as in this book.

Erico Rocha, one of the biggest references in digital marketing in brazil


This book is a gift to the outsiders, a love letter to the rebels who will change the world. Other authors try to tell you how to succeed. But Olivier shows you – because he’s been proving it out in his own life, day after day, for decades. Don’t waste another minute on an outdated system’s definition of success. Read this book now and start creating your own future.

Shelley Brander, Wall Street Journal best-selling author of Move the Needle: Yarns from an Unlikely Entrepreneur


Like Olivier, I’m an entrepreneur with a business that grows at a fast pace year after year. It doesn’t prevent me from travelling all around the world, instead it took me to 40+ countries so far… That’s why I know that when he says it’s possible to leave the beaten paths and create your own adventure in life, it is not only absolutely possible, but also, the one thing worth it pursuing!

And most of what I learned in school is of no use to me today, so this is true too. I have known Olivier for quite a few years, and I know that he does what he says and says what he does. His book is awesome if you want to live the life on your own terms. Go read it!

And thanks Olivier for the inspiration and for allowing me and the others like us be and belong.

Victor Damasio, creator of Grupo Maestria and Vida de Mentor


To anyone who has ever felt “there must be more,” this book is a must-read! Olivier Roland is “awake” to what it’s like to live a life of passion, freedom and purpose. Through his real-life experience as a successful entrepreneur, global citizen and forward thinker, he gives us a how-to manual for “waking up” and embracing our own Intelligent Rebel within. This is not a manual in the old “rule book” sense, but rather a new-era guide that gives us permission to throw out the rules and lights the way for us to choose our own path. This book is a relief. I wish I had read it years ago. You will want to give it to everyone you care about.

Michelle Falzon, Founder, We Are Content and Create Without Burnout.


If you have an inkling that there could be more to life than “get the best education you can, land a job, do the commute-work-sleep-repeat for forty years and then maybe (if you haven’t completely dried out your being) have a little fun before you die” – this book is for you.

If you feel like an outsider, a misfit, a weird freak who despite seemingly being successful has a niggling feeling that something is off and maybe you aren’t actually living the greatest, most fulfilled, version of your life – this book is for you.

“The Way of the Intelligent Rebel” is the ultimate guide on how to create and live your own wild, wealthy and wonderful life adventure. A life where you flourish, add a lot of value to the world, make a lot of money, have a blast and experience true freedom.

This book show us weird ones that our “abnormality” is the very force that will set us free and create an incredible life for us (if we let it) and guides us how to embrace and direct this force to live our unique wild, wealthy, wonderful adventurous life fully.

From his own lived experience (which is a truly inspiring adventure in itself), interviewing thousands of wildly successful life adventurers and researching over 400 scientific studies, Olivier Roland reveals that the Way of the Intelligent Rebel and the kernel of living a deeply fulfilled (and fun) life is through creation. It can be artistic creation, such as writing a book; making a film or a play; composing music; it can be creating an adventure, such as going around the world for a year; or starting your own business.

Whatever your creative expression, a fulfilled life includes creating your own adventures as a way to chart your unique path in this world.

The Way of the Intelligent Rebel shows you how.

Ann Wilson author of The Wealth Chef


Since I was a child I always felt different. I always believed there had to be more to life. There had to be another way. Was life really just about working hard at school, going to college, getting a job, working harder, climbing the ladder? And doing all this while looking forward to having freedom and enjoyment in the future when I would eventually get to retire . I wanted to make a difference.  I wanted to be different and do differently. There had to be another way. There had to be a better way. There had to be more to life than the nice house, the nice car and the “traditional” version of success. Life was supposed to be an adventure. There had to more than the rat race.

I wish I had met Olivier and read The Way of Intelligent Rebel 25 years ago. It would have saved me so much time and money. It would have given me comfort that although I was different maybe my thinking was right.  It would have prevented me from making so many costly mistakes.

Des O’Neill Founder of OmniPro, ProfitPro & CPDStore.com


For anyone who has ever struggled with not fitting in to the workaday world (but wanting to have an impact), with knowing you are meant for more (but not knowing where to find it), with wanting time and money freedom (but not knowing where to start).

This book is a guide to living a life without boundaries or borders. Olivier shows you how to take everything that has made you stand apart from the crowd and turn it into what makes you stand out from the crowd.

Turns out: The very things that make you different are the very things that make your extra-ordinary life possible. It’s all within your reach.

Olivier is a living example, and in this simple (and accessible) guide he gives you the inside track so you can do the same – faster, simpler, easier.

Bari Baumgardner, creator of SAGE Event Management


This book has the potential to change more lives than any other I have read.  The World has changed.  It needs new leaders.  It needs entrepreneurs.  It needs people who don’t just follow the old way of doing things.

I have been an entrepreneur, ‘free’ from the corporate world, for 15 years, but I still had so many eye-opening, “aha” moments reading this book.  It was like going back to ‘lifestyle school’ and I loved it.   I immediately made changes directly as a result of this book, and created even more freedom for myself and my family.

This book is about taking action and making it happen, to live a life on your own terms, free and inspired, and I cannot think of a better teacher than Olivier.

Ross Bridgeford, founder of LiveEnergized.com and author of The Alkaline Reset Cleanse


The Way of the Intelligent Rebel addresses how to solve your work/life imbalance with methods personalized to work for you. Olivier pulls from both familiar and new narratives with strategies that will help the reader carve out their own adventure in creativity and independence.

Roger Farley, Founder at AlwaysInvert.com


Here are sample reader reviews for the French version of the book, which is entitled “Tout le monde n’a pas eu la chance de rater ses études” (Not everyone is lucky enough to have flunked their school years).


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