The Way of the Intelligent Rebel: Succeed Outside the System, Teach Yourself Anything, and Achieve Ultimate Freedom

The Way of the Intelligent Rebel

A perfect book for entrepreneurship :

The three principles
essential for success
In all areas

How to increase
your IQ and ability
of concentration

How to create
the business of your dreams
to become free

Concrete examples
and practical cases,
supported by science

 A bit of background about the book :

The title “Tout le monde n’a pas eu la chance de rater ses études” in French could be translated literally as “Not everyone has had a chance to flunk out of school” or “Not everyone has had the chance
to fail at his studies”.

In French this title sounds amazing (it makes it very hard for anyone who see it to resist the temptation to look at the book to get what it is about), but in English not so much, as numerous American and Canadian friends told me.

Hence the necessity to come up with a new title. After tests with Adwords, Facebook Ads and Pickfu, “The Way Of The Intelligent Rebel” ended up being the most popular title.

 The avatar :

The book is aimed at what I call the “Intelligent Rebels“.
An Intelligent Rebel is someone who can have all the external sign of success, like a good diploma, a good job in a good company, a good house, a good car, a good family, etc. but feels that something is missing, that there is something else than the “get the best diploma you can, work for 40+ years 9 to 5, then enjoy life if you still have a bit of time”, that if he continues like that he will just dry out from the inside.

Younger, he is a student, sometimes very successful, but feels something is not right in the education system, and that if he continues something will dry out in him.

Usually, the way for the Intelligent Rebel to bloom is through creation : it could be artistic creation (writing a book or a theater piece), the creation of an adventure (a world trip for one year), the creation of a business…

In any case, the creation of his own adventure through life so he can flourish, add a lot of value to the world, make a lot of money, and have a blast. What he wants to find in this journey is his “ikiguai”, his “raison d’être”.

  •  The problem the book is trying to solve :

Most Intelligent Rebels are not consciously aware that the system is not made for them : the modern education system’s core principles in the Western world were mostly designed in the 19th century to create good factory workers and good soldiers, not good creators, disruptors and entrepreneurs.

The same can be said of the workplace system.

Hence a lot of Intelligent Rebels can feel like misfits, outsiders, marginalized people, and they don’t understand it is a strength, not a weakness, if you play your cards right.

The aim of this book is to make them understand this, to give them the right cards… and to share how to play them in the most effective way.

I believe a lot of Intelligent Rebels are embers ready to blossom to make beautiful fires full of heat and light… but they’ve been watered all their lives.

I want to be the breeze that blows on some of these embers and makes them start 🙂

You will find in the book more specifically :

The basics for a good start: :

  • The Three Vital Principles To Succeed in Life.

The 1st part is a criticism of the modern education system : I show in this chapter the numerous shortcomings of the education system, why it was not designed with Intelligent Rebels in mind, and why they shouldn’t rely only on it for their education

  • Why Success In Your Career Is Not Necessarily The Best Thing That Can Happen For The Intelligent Rebel You Are
  • Why You Forget Most of What You Learned in School
  • Are you one of the new illiterates? If you haven’t mastered any of these three skills, probably
  • Why the School System is Bad for Teaching You a Foreign Language
  • How an entire industry was built on one of the *defects* of National Education
  • Reasons why school is perfect for creating … workers and employees, not creatives and entrepreneurs
  • Why school kills creativity
  • The real profitability… and the real cost of schools
  • Why Even Prestigious Degrees Can Have a Negative ROI 

The 2nd part is about how to learn efficiently all your life (and why it is vital to do in the 21st century):

  • How To Increase Your IQ By 6 Points In 30 Days, Scientifically Proven
  • The 4 hacks to increase your intelligence, motivation and concentration
  • How to effectively rote learning
  • How to Learn a Language Quickly and Effortlessly
  • Two Forgotten Ways to Learn Effortlessly
  • 3 easy ways to boost your discipline
  • 2 tips to stay motivated with your friends
  • How a Tomato Can Save You Crazy Time
  • The Little-Known Relationship Between Sleep and Learning
  • 7 Ways to Sleep Like a Baby
  • How to Double Your Learning Performance with Reminders
  • What is the best training in the world?
  • Are you making this MONUMENTAL mistake?
  • How to take advantage of MOOCs to boost your learning

The 3rd part is about how to have a business that is in service of your life, instead of your life being in service of your business :

  • How to Start a Business That Serves Your Life Rather Than the Other Way Around
  • How to create a real empire
  • Or a startup
  • How These Two Circles Will Change Your Life for the Better
  • How to Succeed By Being Imperfect and Fearful
  • Do you have to be bold or be careful to be successful?
  • How to Persevere Smartly Instead of Banging Your Head Against a Wall
  • The 3 tips to become luckier
  • The winning trio for finding your business idea
  • How to Use Lean Startup to Quickly Find Out if Your Business Idea is Viable, Even Next to Your Job or School
  • How to create your first “customer magnet”
  • How to create the slogan that will make a difference
  • How to see in the future and know if your product will sell … before having created it
  • How to start a business without money
  • How to start your business part-time, even if you have a job or are studying
  • The often overlooked element that will make your business successful … or its ruin
  • Should you create alone or with partners?
  • 7 easy ways to minimize your risks and maximize your chances
  • The 13 Influencing Factors That Will Make Your Business Success … or a Failure
  • How to set up an IRRESISTIBLE offer so that your customers BEGGING you to take their money … without lowering the price of your product
  • How to Use This Underutilized Web Resource to Create a Tribe of FANS, Not Just Customers
  • How to Sell Better with … Words
  • How SPIN Selling Will Help You Sell A LOT More
  • How to easily RECRUIT your CUSTOMERS to sell for you
  • How To Increase Your Sales Easily Without Getting New Customers!
  • How to Set Up Partnerships That Bring You an Automatic Flow of Customers
  • The Most Powerful Way to Sell, Online or Offline)
  • How to Make Your Business Serving Your Life, Rather than Serving Your Business
  • The Bitter Miracle Pill to Automate Your Business
  • How to Outsource Low Cost and Ethically Using the Magic of the Web
  • How to Set Up an Automated Business
  • How to hack your retirement
  • How to Double Your Performance Every 70 Days
  • How This Simple Test Will Save You A Lot of Money