The Way Of The Intelligent Rebel

Succeed Outside The System, Teach Yourself Anything, and Achieve Ultimate Freedom

Are you tired of this 9 to 5 job, or of those endless studies in which you mostly learn things that won’t help you?

Break the routine and succeed outside the system by following this step-by-step method based on the experience of hundreds of entrepreneurs and supported by over 400 scientific references.

Understand the limitations of the educational system and why it is increasingly obsolete, hack your education by boosting your IQ, learn how to really learn effectively, and become free by creating a business that serves your life, rather than your life serving your business… in short, join the growing movement of smart rebels!

Who is Olivier Roland ?

Olivier Roland has been an entrepreneur since the age of 19, a blogger, a Youtuber, an amateur archeologist, a diver, a plane pilot, a globetrotter and an international speaker, among his many hats.

He is followed by more than 450,000 fans, all networks combined, who are convinced by his method!

Where to buy the book ?

The Way of the Intelligent Rebel

At your favorite bookseller

The book is available in all the good bookstores in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and India.

The Way of the Intelligent Rebel

In digital format

For those who prefer the digital format, the book is available on the Amazon Kindle, the Kobo, and on the Apple Books as well.

The Way of the Intelligent Rebel

Audio Book

If you prefer the convenience of listening to the book, the book is available on Audible as well.

The Way of the Intelligent Rebel

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They are talking about us :

“Olivier Roland gives you the proper mindset, and the right tools and strategies so you can thrive while creating your own adventure through life and become a happy intelligent rebel. I highly recommend this book. Go read it!”

Robert Greene, New York Times best-selling author of The 48 Laws of Power

“Some people seem to fit naturally into the “get a degree and get a 9-5 job” world. This book is for the rest of us.

For more than a decade, I’ve watched Olivier Roland ask the questions and take the actions that have shaped his iconoclastic (and extraordinarily successful) life. Now with this book he shows us how he’s done it, and how we can do the same.”

Jeff Walker, #1 NY Times bestselling author of "Launch"

“We all strive for Freedom – some of us more than others!

In his brilliant book, Olivier Roland takes your hand and shows you how to navigate our complex and modern society. Work smarter, not harder, is the key philosophy.

By becoming an “Intelligent Rebel” you will learn time-tested principles on how to better influence and convince people, how to use and leverage modern technology to your advance and how to turn your passion into profit.

All while minimizing the risks and living your life to the fullest.

Enjoy these golden drops of “street-smart” nectar and go change the world.”

Stig Severinsen, PhD of Medicine & Founder of Breatheology, 4x Freediving World Champion & Explorer